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Today's inmates are tomorrow's neighbors...

Inmate and Family Support

Inmate and Family SupportPrison Ministry / Jail Visits

We partner with Christian churches, providing volunteer Chaplain visits to their incarcerated members and loved ones. When called on, we visit prisoners - providing spiritual counseling, prayer and discipleship and a Bible where permitted. In addition to the prison visit, we follow up with the prisoner's support network, which is usually their families and/or a church they might be associated with in some way.  Testimonies

Discipleship Correspondence Bible Study and Christian Counseling

Inmate discipleship programs are geared to men and women of all education and spiritual maturity levels. Prison-to-Praise International uses correspondence lessons to follow-up on a decision to accept Christ, to teach Gods Word to believers, as well as to prepare inmates for Christian service upon release. Topics include salvation, repentance, church membership, growing in Christ and other Biblical doctrines.  Learn More

Prison Fellowship / Angel Tree

We recruit Churches to adopt children of inmates for Christmas gifts and year around ministry. This unique program gives a church community an opportunity to share Christ's love by helping to meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the families of prisoners.  Learn More