Prison to Praise International Home

Today's inmates are tomorrow's neighbors...

Testimonies of Prisoners and Families

Changing Lives

Dear Dave,

I would like to thank you, and everyone who has been praying for my two sons and our family since they were incarcerated.

As you know, my eldest son has been released and is now working part time roofing. We had a lot of conversations while he was in prison concerning his faith in Christ and his future, I do believe he's saved but has very little contact with anyone who can mentor him. My other son has 2 ½ years left to serve and I am very encouraged about his willingness to do the studies from prison to praise, He seems to be a lot more willing to talk about prayer, and the bible lessons since I let him know that I am also doing these studies too. I never imagined that I'd be involved with helping to bring hope to prisoners, let alone having my two sons be those prisoners.

Your 34 visits to my sons were instrumental in their coming to Christ and then discipline them afterword.

Hebrews 13 :3 remember the prisoner's as if chained with them, and those who are mistreated, since you yourselves are in the body also. I'd like to encourage everyone who may know a prisoner or their family, to keep them in your prayers.

In Christ's love,
Father of inmates / ex-inmate

Recognition and Accomplishments

Dear Dave,

Greetings in the name of our Lord! I hope this communication finds you well.

Thank you for sharing with Eastern Hills about the wonderful work you are doing to support prisoners and their families in the Western New York area. We appreciate all that you do to minister to this vulnerable and valuable population. It is wonderful to hear reports of the ways God is blessing the ministry in prisons.

Our missions committee wants to encourage you in this valuable outreach. We sincerely pray that the blessing of the Lord will continue to overshadow your ministry.

Thanks again for making yourself available for this kingdom building work.


Pastor Kimberly Gladden
Pastor of Global Missions
Eastern Hills Wesleyan Church, Clarence NY