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Today's inmates are tomorrow's neighbors...

Prayer Posse

Become deputized into the Prayer PosseOriginally started in Texas as a support group for Dave and the ministry, the Prayer Posse is a volunteer group of prayer warriors willing to intercede for inmates and the Prison to Praise ministry itself. Prayer requests include inmate prayer needs, prayer needs for students involved with our programs and needs and praises related to the ministry.

The prayer needs of inmates in particular is extremely great. They are cries of help from brothers and sisters who live face-to-face with evil on a daily basis. They have no escape, no physical haven of rest, no prayer closet to retreat to. We usually receive inmate prayer requests for specific needs, but their needs can be for their spiritual growth, for their families, overcoming behaviors or addictions, or for their future after prison.

New prayer requests are either mailed or emailed to the Posse members as needs arise. As you might imagine, while many testimonies of faith are realized though the prayer efforts of the Prayer Posse, we often do not hear or see the results of our efforts. But then again, prayer is as much for the one offering prayer as it is for the recipient. If the Lord has given you a ministry of intercessory prayer, would you prayerfully consider joining our group?

To be added to the Prayer Posse, send your email request by clicking here.

To God be the glory, great things He has done!