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Conference Coordinator

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My loved one is in what do I do? Prison to Praise International sponsors awareness conferences to teach families, acquaintances and ministry groups fundamental information on issues and concerns related to the "prison world" and how these issues affect their lives.

In conjunction with other sponsors, renowned keynote speakers deliver important messages on topics such as:

  • Familiarization with various Prison Ministries and their resources.
  • Understanding the Correctional Environment
  • The Prison Worship Service
  • Inspirational Testimonies – stories of God's grace in the midst of tragedy. Hear about prisoner decisions for Christ and stories demonstrating God's mercy through repentance, forgiveness, healing and restoration for prisoners, their families and victims.
  • Discipleship to prisoners and families.
  • Programs such as Angel Tree / Prison Fellowship that minister to the children and families of inmates.
  • Aftercare and re-entry topics affecting prisoners and their families and restoration after prison.

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